ZLPLL Stock Status

I have received a few emails from people wanting to know when the ZLPLL’s will be back in stock again.

The reason for the stock situation is simple:  I have now run out of OCXO’s!.  Behind the scenes I have been attempting to find a replacement with similar specs, but after 6 weeks of sourcing and testing samples which turn out to be overpriced TCXO’s it is time to move on and concentrate on supplying to the building customer demand.

Given there will be no OCXO’s for the foreseeable future  I have ordered more bare PCB’s  knowing there will be no layout change for different oscillators.  To this end, near the end of May / beginning of June  two options for the ZLPLL board will be available for shipment:

  • TCXO / External Reference (Auto Detect)
  • External Reference (10MHz but can be changed in software to any frequency in 1KHz steps up to 100MHz

For operation below 1GHz (and potentially 2.5GHz with extra care) most users will be happy with the TCXO performance.  For more demanding applications such as JT65 and 10GHz  where the OCXO feature defined the ZLPLL it is now down to the end user to supply the reference.

For those who now feel left out,  a PCB is on the drawing board that will take several of the common OCXO’s from eBay like the Isoquartz  that will allow a cost effective OCXO to be installed where space is not a major concern.

Behind the scenes I will continue to explore ways of getting the classic OCXO ZLPLL board back into stock again, but at this stage I cannot commit to any timeframe or likely costs.

Thanks for your patience and custom.