A small number of OCXO boards are now available to order.  The companion board is the same width as the ZLPLL board and is designed to but next to the ZLPLL board, or mount over the top of the board sharing 2 of the mounting holes.  It will work with either the TCXO or External version of the board  and is an ideal reference for both home station and portable microwave transverter.




The board is available in kitset form for US$20.  The 0805 size SMD components require a fine soldering iron and can be easily assembled in around 20 minutes.


OCXO Bottom










A linear regulator on the board drops the input voltage (8 to 14V) down to the 5V required by the OCXO.  Since the heater runs at 5V a higher current is required resulting in a power disapation over twice that of an equivalent 12V rated OCXO.   By mounting the series regulator under the OCXO the wasted heat is put to use to heat the OCXO module and help reduce the current.

Provision is made for the builder to add a 2nd regulator on the board for a 8V or 9V regulated supply if required.



Input Voltage  8 to 14V

Current:   650mA for 2 minutes (warmup) falling to 200mA after 5 minutes.

Adjustment Range  Typically 10.000MHz +/- 5.0 Hz

Warmup Time:    5 minutes

Typical Stability:  1 x 10E-10  (0.1Hz at 1GHz or 1Hz at 10GHz)

Size:   Approx   50mm x 45mm x 20mm(H)


Production quantities will be available  around May 2016.