Project Updates

It has been a long time between updates.   The  reason is simple – I’ve been working on a number of projects behind the scenes that have kept me distracted from updating my website.

Over the next few weeks I plan on making several more updates.  To start the ball rolling I have added 24GHz to my list of bands and added details to my project page.


Astute readers will notice I have used a slightly different ZLPLL board which is based on a larger micro.  The larger micro means I can finally add features to make it more versatile.

This revised ZLPLL board will be available for purchase in a few weeks time once I complete testing and documentation updates.

Finally after a year in the making I have also completed my transverter builds for 47GHz, 76GHz as well as starting on 122GHz.  I plan on publishing those projects soon along with the new LO I intend to use for driving them.