• Interface to single coil or 2 coil relays
  • Latching or Failsafe relays
  • 4 sequencer events (PA Supply, RX, TX, TX Drive)
  • MOSFET switch for upto 5 Amps PA Supply
  • LCD Front Panel interafce
  • Hardwired PTT or via IF Interface
  • 8V or 9V supply for transverter
  • 28V DC DC converter option for 28V relays or 28V bias supplies
  • Monitor Power Supply Voltage, PA Voltage and current
  • Monitor FWD and REV power
  • Monitor PA Temperature
  • Monitor Drive level
  • Temperature controlled Fan supply (12V)
  • RS232 interface for setup
  • 4 pins of General Purpose I/O for I2C expansion

IF Interface daugter board

  • Either combined IF interface or seperated RX and TX interafaces
  • Either combined transverter interface or separeted RX and TX interface
  • 2 Watt transmit attenuator
  • Adjustable RX and TX levels
  • RF sensing or PTT control thru IF interface
  • 5 wire interface for seperation from Sequencer PCB

Sequencer with IF Daugter board


Software is currently hard coded to my personal transverter requirements


  • LCD Interface does not support PS Temp, FWD and REV power measurements (and calculate SWR)
  • Configuration via RS232

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