Some of the projects presented on this website are available for purchase to allow others to experiment with  and build into their own projects.
Items typically ship within 1-2 business days, and within 1-2 weeks if not available ex-stock.

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Package Contents:

  • ZLPLL Board Built & Tested
  • Based on ADF4351 PLL Chipset
  • Phase Noise plot at 1152MHz (Typically 99dBc 1KHz offset @1152MHz)
  • Automatic detection of external 10MHz reference

Note: Please add frequency choice into PayPal comments or send email after completing purchase if you want a different frequency programmed otherwise I will assume you will program yourself or happy with the default 1152MHz frequency.

Full details of the board can be found here

US $115.00

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Frequency Range:  54MHz to 13.6GHz

Based on ADF5355 PLL Chipset

Requires external reference 10MHz or higher

US $190.00

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Standalone 10MHz OCXO


Self contained board with high performance 10 MHz OCXO.  Suitable for driving both the TCXO and External ZLPLL boards.

Complete kitset with all components.  Note several SMD components require a fine soldering iron to complete the construction.

No Longer available

BCD Switch Option

ZLPLL Thumbwheel

Thumbwheel switch option used to select  pre-programmed frequencies.Kit includes an extra set of resistors for those who prefer SMD 1206 components.**Only available with purchase of ZLPLL board** US $4.00

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Programming Cable

ZLPLL Program

USB to TTL Level RS232 interface suitable for reprogramming the default frequencies. Note: Product may vary slightly from the photo.**Only available with purchase of ZLPLL board** US $5.00
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